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Property Documentation

Property Documentation

Property Documentation

A. Property Documents Verification

We verify the authenticity of ownership documents (Title Search) relating immovable property for Real Estate Investors, Banks, Financial Institutes, Leasing Companies and Individuals. Our Property Document Verification services includes but not limited to which are as follows: 

  • Deed verification- Verifying the contents of Deed from different Sub-Registry Office.
  • Receipt against Deed from Sub-Registry Office (SRO Token) Verification. 
  • AC Land Mutation Khatian along with DCR [Duplicate Carbon Receipt] verification.
  • Up to date Land Tax verification.
  • CS, PS, SA/ROR, RS, BS, Dhaka City Survey Khatian Verification.
  • Warrish Certificate, Succession Certificate, Death Certificate Verification.
  • Sale, Mutation, Heba, Mortgage, Partition etc permission letter verification from different Government authorities (i.e. RAJUK, NHA & MOW)
  • Power of Attorney acceptance letter verification.
  • Non Encumbrance Certificate/ Encumbrance Certificate collection from Sub-Registry Office. 
  • Verifying approved construction permission letter and construction layout plan from concerned government offices (i.e. RAJUK, City Corporation, Cantonment Board)


  • Assurance that property involved in transaction is free from litigations
  • Easier to take loans against property after verification
  • Assurance that seller has right to sell the property
  • Avoiding a transaction if fake or forged documents are presented
  • The seller might try to sell the same property multiple times and fraud people which can be avoided through property verification online. 

B. Property Document collection and execution assistance

  • Facilitation of every kind of Deed registration at Sub Registry Office (Drafting, Registration, Collecting SRO Token, Collecting certified and original deeds).
  • Obtaining different types of Permission letters from Government authorities (Sale Permission, Heba Permission, Mortgage Permission, Power of Attorney Acceptance letter, Mutation Permission, Partition Permission etc).
  • Encumbrance Certificate and Non Encumbrances Certificate from Sub-Registry Office.
  • Certified CS, SA, RS, BS, Dhaka City Jareep Khatian collection.
  • Mouza Map collection.
  • Pantograph collection.
  • AC Land Mutation.
  • Warish/Inheritance Certificate.
  • Succession Certificate.
  • City Corporation Holding Mutation.
  • Utility Mutation (i.e. DESCO, DPDC, Dhaka WASA & TITAS Gas)
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