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Property Valuation


Calculations are an integral part of the real estate business. We estimate the market value of a property that’s to be sold or bought, mortgaged, auctioned or to be shown as proof of funds for sellers, purchasers, mortgagors or abroad going students. Our professionals possess a unique combination of accounting, finance and real estate expertise, which assures comprehensive and accurate data review and reporting. Our Valuation services are used regularly by Banks, Financial Institutes, Accounting Firms, Developers, Property Owners, Property Buyers, Heirs of deceased property owners and Investors seeking advice on their existing projects, distribution, proposed acquisitions and even for assets under liquidation. We work with residential, commercial or industrial properties, and have expertise regarding the market values and trends in the local areas. 


We evaluate property on the basis of transactions being made regarding purchase and sale in the locality during the last six months. We also enquire from the local people and inhabitants of the area at a random basis to arrive at an average consensus value as to the present price of the property in the locality.


Our property valuation reflects the probable price of a given property at a given time. The actual sale price of a given piece of property may be higher or lower than the appraised value, depending on what information the buyer and seller have, how badly one or the other wants to buy or sell the property and any extras the seller throws in to entice the buyer.


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